Wednesday, August 22, 2012

His Dark Materials art

“”Liar! Liar!” the harpy was screaming. “Liar!”
She flew around again, aiming directly for Lyra’s face; but Will took out the knife and threw himself in the way. No-Name swerved out of reach just in time, and Will hustled Lyra over toward the door, because she was numb with shock and half-blinded by the blood running down her face. Where the Gallivespians were, Will had no idea, but the y was flying at them again and screaming and screaming in rage and hatred:
“Liar! Liar! Liar!”
And it sounded as if her voice was coming from everywhere, and the word echoed back from the great wall in the fog, muffled and changed, so that she seemed to be screaming Lyra’s name, so that Lyra and liar were one and the same thing. Will had the girl pressed against his chest, with his shoulder curved over to protect her, and he felt her shaking and sobbing against him; but then he thrust the knife into the rotten wood of e door and cut out the lock with a quick slash of the blade.”
-Chapter: The Harpies, Book: The Amber Spyglass
-Philip Pullman
“Bears!” Iorek Byrnison roard. An echo rang back from the palace walls an startled birds out of their nests He went on: “The terms of this combat are these. If Iofur Raknison kills me, then he will be king forever, safe from challenge or dispute. If I kill Iofur Raknison, I shall be your king. My first order to you all will be to tear down that palace, that perfumed house of mockery and tinsel, and hurl the gold and marble into the sea. Iron is bear-metal. Gold is not. Iofur Raknison has polluted Svalbard. I have come to cleanse it. Iofur Raknison, I challenge you.”
-Chapter: Mortal Combat, Book: Northern Lights/The Golden Compass —Philip Pullman

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Painting for a Oglala-Lakota friend of our characters in fancy shawl and traditional men's regalia. It's powwow season, after all!


Poster for conventions this year since Korra was the craze~

Conbadge commission