Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hands and Feet Life Drawing Class Portfolio

I've never drawn feet before really, so I'm a little impressed with myself.  An improvement in my hands technique.  Overall, I think I did alright.  The structure for the feet in not very uniformed, because I just sorta...had no technique going into it, but it's all good! 

C-c-c-ch-check it out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent Art

This is an art dump.

An unorganized one.  Most of this is fanart, one of them is the Title Page done for Intro. to Digital Tools class.  Now I regret not using another composition for the Title Page, but oh well.  One or two of these are murals, one done for my Gold Award on the Space Race.  Also, a really bad egg AKA my first time using gouache.  Mhm, enjoy~

Sheridan Entrance Portfolio

Sheridan's Entrance Portfolio was a heck of a learning experience and if it weren't for my mentor, it would have never gotten to the point of polish it needed to be in order to get me in! 

Though I never received my scores, it was good enough to get me in, I suppose, so I decided to throw it up.  If you were linked here by Sheridan's blog, feel free to ask me questions via comment or e-mail about this bad boy (that'll give you a headache and some heartache along the way, haha).  Some of these are embarrassingly bad, while others I'm still kinda proud of to this day.  It was a learning experience either way!

Heck yeah, I just rhymed.