Monday, October 18, 2010

Sheridan Entrance Portfolio

Sheridan's Entrance Portfolio was a heck of a learning experience and if it weren't for my mentor, it would have never gotten to the point of polish it needed to be in order to get me in! 

Though I never received my scores, it was good enough to get me in, I suppose, so I decided to throw it up.  If you were linked here by Sheridan's blog, feel free to ask me questions via comment or e-mail about this bad boy (that'll give you a headache and some heartache along the way, haha).  Some of these are embarrassingly bad, while others I'm still kinda proud of to this day.  It was a learning experience either way!

Heck yeah, I just rhymed.

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  1. Beautiful animals, had to laugh when I saw gertie... not laugh at your drawing specifically but just the cuteness of it hahah