Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doodles :3

Had some out of no where series of dreams with whale as helper. I never got to delve into asking what it was all about with an elder or anything, but I believe they revealed their meanings to me recently :)

From the zoo....more to come from that.
In heraldry, a griffin, or gryphon, is said to denote military courage and power. Females are depicted with wings, and males without, but with a horn similar to that of a unicorn. Medieval lore states that the gryphon a gryphon guards priceless treasures, mates for life, and is king of birds. The hippogriff, is thought to be the child of a gryphon and a horse.

In heraldry, a dragon features predominantly in English and Welsh standards, but appears in nearly every single European country in one form or another. They are classically associated with the Beast, the Devil, and thus ultimate evil and sin relating back to the tempting snake of Eden. They are often depicted as hoarders of treasures, be they gold or women, and fire breathing, but later mythology says they may breath poison or ice.

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